Richland Realty pledges to use all of its resources to obtain the best results for every client we have the honor of representing.
A solid real estate plan allows our clients to realize long-term benefits.
It’s simply too important a proposition to enter with anybody but the best realty company representing you.

It's Your Move!


Richland Realty will be sure that your property listing receives not only the highest possible exposure, but the most effective coverage to meet your objectives. This may be a wide-ranging listing or one that is tailored to a more specific market. The Richland Realty method is measured and result-oriented, a strategy that allows us to acquire and sell properties more efficiently than other agencies.

Additional Properties


The old saying in real estate is ‘Location! Location! Location!’ While this is true, the focus of Richland Realty is ‘Client! Client! Client!’ Whether you are in the market to buy, rent, or sell, Richland Realty is committed to serving each of our clients with dignity, diligence, and determination.


If you are looking for a home to call your own, let Richland Realty do the searching for you. Our list of properties will provide you with the options you need. 


Let Richland Realty help you find or lease your space.


Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when it comes to a home. If it is time for you to sell your house, leave it in good hands. We will do our best to sell it efficiently and without hassle. 


Real Estate is the bedrock of the economy, a profession filled with value, complexities, and possible peril. From the standard and straightforward negotiations to the specialized and specific, Richland Realty will cater to every real estate need that you may have. We employ a systematic approach in researching the market for our clients. The key to any good system is that it can be repeated with similar results, but a superior system also has flexibility because there are no two real estate transactions that are exactly the same!


Richland Realty understands that the real estate business is actually the peace of mind business. Let our knowledgeable and experienced agents deliver you this invaluable reward!


Richland Realty utilizes an array of tools in reaching the target audience for your property. From traditional marketing approaches to the most modern social media platforms available, Richland Realty will create a customized plan to help you obtain or sell your property.


Each person has an approach to organization and communication that works for them.  The purchase or sale of a property, or a move into a rental, are all major life events that can put undue pressure on individuals. Richland will alleviate the stress. We never forget the process is about our clients and not anyone else!


It’s not about up-sizing or down-sizing as much as right-sizing. We help young couples find their starter home, empty-nesters making the adjustment after raising the kids, and the families looking for the right place for their aging parents. Whatever the need, Richland Realty will be there with you every step of the way.


Richland Realty offers access to an extensive list of professionals, delivering high-quality services.


We can tell you about the value and dedication to service that we will provide to any client we represent – buyers, renters, or sellers – but we won’t be able to say it with as much passion as those that we have served in the past and will continue to serve moving forward. Here are some examples of satisfied customers.